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Weightlifting Tape

Weightlifting Tape

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SWEAT RESISTANT: Our thumb tape is designed to withstand sweat and maintain a non-slip grip

EASY APPLICATION, CLEAN REMOVAL: tears easily without the need for scissors and leaves no sticky residue upon removal, offering hassle-free application and cleanup.

BUILT TO LAST: Crafted with durability in mind, our tape is tailored for individuals who regularly lift heavy weights day in and day out. Ensure you're always prepared by keeping a roll in your gym bag at all times.

LONGEVITY ASSURED: Ideal for athletes who require tape that endures the entire workout session, our thumb tape withstands chalk, sweat, and whatever challenges your workout presents.

VERSATILE USE: Besides providing grip support, RBST GEAR CO. Thumb Tape doubles as protection against skin tears and rips, allowing you to train through minor abrasions with confidence.

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