2023 Battle on the Border 10 - CrossFit Solus

2023 Battle on the Border 10 - CrossFit Solus

Same sex partner competition

10th annual Battle on the Border Same Sex Partner Competition.

  • RX Men & RX Women
  • Masters Men & Masters Women 80+ years combined.
  • Masters Men & Masters Women 100+ years combined.
  • Scaled Men & Scaled Women
  • KIDS - Same Sex OR Mixed Teams, ages 12 & under and 13-15 years.

CrossFit Solus created Battle on the Border in 2014 to bring back the affiliate team experience. We believe that part of every CrossFit athletes' journey should be to experience a CrossFit competition with their home gym.

Being part of something bigger than just your daily class setting, gives you a sense of team and creates a better picture of just how life transforming this sport can be.

Our hope is that gyms will rally their troops, bring athletes of all skill levels and ages and ultimately unify through this team experience. Resulting in stronger CrossFit communities and friendships that last a lifetime. We are excited to host you and your wod buddies for year number 10!


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