2023 3rd Annual Fall Brawl - CrossFit Heath

3rd Annual Fall Brawl

CrossFit Heath 3rd Annual Fall Brawl is 3 person teams (All Male, All Female)

Rx and Scaled Divisons

4 events 

Proceeds go to benefit AMBUCS, to help veterans in need!

WOD 1  Fisher & Zitterich

5 Rep Deadlift Ladder- Total weight

Participants will start on first load and move every minute to the next load until unable to make lift. Participant will be required to complete 5 reps at current load in order to move to next load. All 5 reps must be completed in the minute.

*If participant makes it to the final load, they can go for max reps in the final minute available. 

WOD 2 Bahama Bucks

18 minute AMRAP

15/12 Cal Bike

12 KBS- (53/35) (35/25)

9 Goblet squats- (53/35) (35/25)

6 box jump overs/Step overs- 24"/20"

Break it up how you see fit. One person working at a time.


Partner 1

21-15-9 Toes to bar/Knee Raises

21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65)/(75/55)

Partner 2

15-12-9 Toes to bar/Knee Raises

15-12-9 Thrusters (115/85)/(95/65)

Partner 3

12-9-6 Toes to bar/Knee Raises

12-9-6 Thrusters (135/95)/(115/75)

Partner 1 will complete all reps before partner 2 begins their reps. Partner 2 will complete all their reps before partner 3 can begin their reps. 

12 minute time cap. 


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