Dave Castro - Details About the 2024 CrossFit Games in Texas

Get ready for some exciting news! Dave Castro, the Master of Fun and Fitness as well as the General Manager of Sport and Education, spilled the beans in a captivating interview about the upcoming CrossFit Games in 2024. Brace yourselves, folks, because big changes are afoot! Picture this: Fort Worth, Texas is about to become the ultimate battleground for supreme fitness. Castro let slip that the format is getting a major shake-up, adding a dash of mystery and intrigue to the mix. But hold onto your kettlebells, because here's the real kicker: A whopping 95% of the events are going to be held indoors!

That's right, folks, prepare for an indoor extravaganza like no other, packed with sweat, adrenaline, and electric energy. The CrossFit Games are about to take Fort Worth by storm, and we couldn't be more pumped!

Watch - Dave Castro - CrossFit games 2024

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